Case Study

SEO management for a local business

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

A strategic layout shift along with better-positioned and linked CTA’s on the homepage which resulted in the business being fully booked.

Project summary

They came to us as a new business trying to leverage the power of organic marketing.  SEO management and tech issues resolved, meant they were benefiting from the work sooner and better than expected. 3 months on and they were already ranking on page 1 for 20+ keywords highly relevant to their business.

 The Strategy

  • Deep audit of onsite as well as offsite issues.
  • Charting out key areas of concern and addressing them first.
  • Connected and claimed all channels on behalf of the business.
  • Comparative analysis of performance.
  • Competitive keyword selection and adding structured data markup to benefit the business.
  • Mobile accessibility issues are fixed on the way.

The Challenge

As it sometimes happens with well-performing much loved small businesses, issues arise out of nowhere and blow up to cause concerns, that’s what happened to this lovely business. Ex-staff and competitors joined hands to malign their online reputation by posting fake reviews. Competitors made attempts to cut their business by trying to manipulate ratings!

This naturally caused unnecessary stress for the owners and staff, who were feeling helpless and had no idea how to deal with this situation. We stepped up to the challenge when the owner contacted us for help.

ORM-Online reputation management

We charted out strategy ( reverse SEO and overall SEO techniques were needed much more than ever before), communicated more frequently, and shared the plan with owners. Countered negativity with surplus positivity to balance out the narrative about the business. Successfully got many fake reviews removed from GMB profile by putting up their case effectively in front of the support team at Google. Their ratings improved and stress reduced which made our day.


Proven Results



Search Traffic


Conversion Rate

Top 5 Keywords


Online Leads

More Successful Projects


SEO project

Retail business organic growth

Sales went up by 103%

Local retailer/wholesaler

Email marketing and SEO strategy to improve their conversion rate resulted in 9% growth in the first month itself.


Design and SEO project to help with enhancing engagement and conversion.


Unless you dig deeper and really get down to the basics of a business website metrics and its digital assets analytic data, it’s impossible to deliver results that are sustainable and improve over time.


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